From the quality of the routes, staff, community, and atmosphere, we think everything is special at Prime Climb, but here are a few special deals for you :


Meetup groups and finding climbing partners

No Partner? No Problem.

There is a Meetup group that meets here every wednesday evening at 7:00. Whether you are trying climbing for the first time, or looking for a climbing partner, all are welcome. Best of all it is FREE to first time visitors to Prime Climb (rental extra). Stop by on Wedneday evening at 7:00. Check out the group at meetup.com

Looking to climb on other nights. The AMC Mouintaineering group is here on Tuedsays and Thursdays. the Connecticut
Climbers and Mountaineers are here on Wednesday.. Bothe groups welcome new climbers to the area.

Still looking? what about outside?

Social media and the web is where it's at. The following groups are always making plans to climb.

CT Rock Climbers Unite

CT Rock Climbers

Connecticut Climbers and Mountaineers (CCM)

CT AMC Mountaineering